Thai Orchid

Thai Orchid has all the elements of a good restaurant: sketchy and random location, ugly/ghetto décor (ok, it’s actually pretty nice inside but I’m trying to prove a point) and most important, tasty food. I remember asking my buddy about this place back in the summer and wanting to check it out. A few months late, I finally made it out on a Sunday evening to check it out and I was surprised to see people know about this place.

Hours in case you’re interested in knowing that kind of thang. Closed Mondays. I haven’t had Thai food for quite some time now so I was pretty excited to eat.

Tom kha gai ($12.95)
Traditional hot and sour chicken with herbs, lemongrass, galangal and coconut milk. The soup had a nice spiciness to it (nothing crazy but just a little hint). Legit that they actually use galangal to make this soup.

Pad thai ($12.95)
Had to try their version of pad thai which came with prawns, egg, tofu, bean sprouts, green onion and peanut. You get three prawns and it was very well done. Well balanced flavours.

Geang khao whan with chicken ($12.95)
The green curry is one of their most popular dishes plus it’s one of my favourite Thai dishes, which meant we had to order it. Such a good choice – this is probably one of the best ones I’ve had in Edmonton. Spicy green curry deliciousness.

Coconut rice ($4.00) – they present it in a flower shaped dish (oops I forgot to take a picture of it) but the coconut rice was fluffy and just damn tasty. Even had enough leftovers to eat for the next day!

I read a lot of reviews complaining about the small portions and high prices. Sure, the portions are a bit smaller compared to other Thai places in town. The prices, I’m pretty sure, are on par though. The quality and ingredients at Thai Orchid are great.

Bonus, the owners/chefs are Thai so you know you’re getting the real deal, authentic Thai flavours. It totally makes sense because our bill was written in Thai characters. Leeeeeeeeegiiiiit. Essentially, just go and try out the dishes for yourselves! I am a fan and will be back soon to try more.

Thai Orchid
4009 Gateway Boulevard
Edmonton, AB
(780) 438-3344

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