About Me

I like to eat food (no chains!). The smaller and more plasticky the chairs are, the happier I am. I also love to explore new places and travel around the world when I can. When I’m not doing either of those, you can find me on the court/field playing soccer, tennis and squash.

I was spoiled for good eats while I lived in Montreal but am slowly finding hidden gems in good ‘ol Edmonton. Expect to see some posts on other cities/countries too.

I do not get paid by the restaurants I review nor do I gain any profits from them. I will disclose all bias and any perks/compensations I receive to maintain a high level of transparency. All thoughts, views and opinions expressed are 100% from yours truly.

For questions and inquiries, you can contact me at cherrybobombs8@gmail.com. Curse the person that stole the original.

You can also follow me on Instagram (@cherrybobombs).