Not So Deadmonton Series: Garneau Tennis Club & Beach Volleyball

I feel like branching out a bit from my usual food posts so I’m deeming this as my “Not So Deadmonton” series. Welcome to Part 1. Because Edmonton doesn’t suck that much, right? RIGHT?



People are always complaining about Deadmonton, which is completely justifiable, but hey, sometimes you have to make the best of situations (insert standardized, generic, cheesy line here). Well, this is one of my favourite places to hang out in the summer.



You like to play sports? Specifically tennis? You want to play tennis on CLAY? This is the only place in town that has them. 7 clay courts – completely different playing surface than hard courts.


Sign-up board. Hang your membership card up on the court you’re playing on.


Bonus that the people that play here are good peeps – if you want to make friends, I suggest going to:
– Friday Night Socials (6:00pm – 9:00pm)
– Signing up for a tournament: Davis Cup is a loooooooot of fun. One day tourny!
– Joining summer league (men’s, women’s and co-ed teams): Interclub is great. The season is short (end of May – August) and you play once a week. Check out Tennis Edmonton Interclub for more dets.


Membership is required here. Here’s the 2016 rates. Note: Prices are cheaper if you get the early bird memberships.
– Full-time adult: $275.00
– Daytime/weekday adult: $150.00
– Punch pass: $50.00 for 5 visits. This is actually a pretty decent deal if you have commitment issues.

Also, if you’re a cheap bastard, you can wait till July 15 for their mid-season discounted rates.
– Full-time adult: $180.00
– Daytime/weekday adult: $100.00


Are you a noob? Or want to improve your skills? Here’s more options. So many options.
– Ball machine: There’s a ball machine! It’s awesome. I’ve used it once.
– Box league: you play x amount of games each month against people your skill level. Sign up required. Not gonna lie, I joined and bailed hard.
– Hit list: Sign up onto the hit list with your tennis rating (1.0 – Open level). Contact people to play. Easy peasy.
– Monday night clinic (6:00pm – 8:00pm): free drop-in clinic for members. Can’t say I’ve ever been but I’m sure it’s great.
– Lessons: private ($40.00/hour), semi-private ($50.00/hour) or group lessons (6 sessions – $135.00 for non-members/$120.00 for members). Whatever tickles your fancy. Can’t say I’ve ever done these either but I should…


There’s also 3 beach courts to play on. Beach is SO much fun. I’m just sad I only played a handful of times this summer. 😦 Same deal as tennis but here’s a few options:
– Summer league: Runs May to August and you play once a week. I’ve never played in the league but really, really want to (it’s insanely popular). It’s beach 2’s so you better be good. Monday (Women’s 2’s), Tuesday (Men’s 2’s) and Thursday (Coed reverse 2’s) nights. $250.00 fee to play.
– Sunday drop-in (6:00pm – 9:00pm): $5.00 gets you in. Good times.
– Friday drop-in drills (5:00pm – 7:00pm): $10.00 to participate. Can’t say I’ve ever done it but this will work on your beach skills.




So that was informative right? Nothing like hitting a tennis ball/volleyball to make you wish you were as good as the pros.

Garneau Tennis Club & Beach Volleyball
10943 – 84 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 431-2085