Uncle Ed’s

Good ‘ol Uncle Ed’s. They’ve been open since 1959 and this is the first time that I’ve ever visited their restaurant/deli (it’s combo style). With such a common sounding name, you wouldn’t expect much but they have some delicious perogies and sausages. I’m 99% sure that you’ve had a Stawnichy’s sausage before. If not, you need to remedy that immediately.

Uncle Ed’s is definitely old school. From the outside, it’s not doing anyone any favours with it’s ugly brown awning and generic looking building. However, the inside isn’t bad with tables and booths to boot. The clientele is definitely of the grandma and grandpa variety. Ah, things to look forward to for the future: old age and senior discounts.


Seriously, they have two pages on their menu that are dedicated to juniors and seniors only. Unfair.

2x Mundare sausage plate ($11.25 large)
This was their special of the day (it’s regularly $11.95 – sweet, we saved $0.70 each). Our plate consisted of sausage, 4 perogies, 4 cabbage rolls (sweet or sour), 2 baked cheese buns and 2 cheese crepes. The sausage was lightly fried while the perogies were nice and tender. We both picked sour cabbage rolls as I’ve had the sweet ones before. It was only slightly sour – I could have used a bit more punch to mine. The cheese buns and crepes were fluffy, soft and went well with the dill sauce.

Potato and cheddar cheese (8.50) and side of Mundare sausage ($2.75)
8 pieces of perogy goodness along with sour cream, onion and bacon bits. My buddy ordered a side of sausage along with his perogies. Good choice because I don’t think 8 perogies is enough to fill you up for lunch.

If you’re in the east end of the city, definitely check out Uncle Ed’s. Seems like there are quite a few hidden gems worth checking out in this part of town. I’ll have to try their borscht soup (all the soups sound delicious) and maybe one of dem homemade pies another time.

Uncle Ed’s
4824 – 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 471-1010

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