Baghven Uyghur Cuisine

Baghven Uyghur Cuisine has been on my radar since it first opened. They specialize in uyghur food, which is a rarity to find in town. Only know of Lovely Xinzhang and two greater Vancouver spots (Mezze Uyghur Cuisine and Kashgar Uyghur Cuisine). BUC is located next door to Tokyo John Sushi.


Sign outside.


Service has been warm and friendly, but there’s only one server for the room. Food comes out on the slow side.


The menu is concise.



Salads, appetizers, main courses, Uyghur’s special dishes and dessert.

Trip #1
We dropped in on a full Wednesday evening (with 7:00pm reservations).

Uyghur’s lamb rice pilaf ($20.00)
UntitledCarrot, lamb shoulder and shredded three mix salad. The portion of lamb was tiny and the rice pilaf didn’t have much impact flavourwise.


However, the side salad (carrot, red pepper, noodles, cilantro and Szechuan pepper oil) was surprisingly delicious, refreshing and had a great texture (from the noodles).

Traditional leghmen ($17.00)
UntitledHand pulled noodles with beef, green peppers, onion, red peppers and cabbage. The noodles were the star; loved that they were firm and toothsome. The sauce underneath was well balanced and rounded. Would get this again.

Big plate chicken ($39.00 large)
UntitledChicken, potatoes, leek, garlic and ginger. We were told this dish is “spicy” but it was closer to mild. The peppercorns added a touch of numbness and you could really taste the star anise, cloves and cinnamon. Again, the sauce was great. Chicken was tender and the potatoes were cooked just right. Was surprised to see full cloves of garlic. Great plate to share between our group of four.

Honey cake ($8.00)
UntitledWe lucked out with ordering the last piece. Not too sweet and different (in a good way) from your usual dessert.


Trip #2
We dropped in for a late Sunday dinner (8:45pm).

Lamb dumplings ($7.50 for 8)
UntitledLamb, onion and cabbage. They brought out vinegar and chili oil. Average, the dumplings are tiny.

Braised meat with homemade naan ($24.50 small)
UntitledBraised lamb, onion, carrot, potato and bell peppers. Sauce was tasty and the star anise shines through. Lamb was tasty. Surprised by how little naan you get (5 bite size pieces).

Lamb rice pilaf ($20.00)
UntitledThey were out of shank so they replaced it with lamb skewers. Tasty but portion size has decreased dramatically.


Even the salad has less ingredients in it than before.

Stir-fried beef leghmen ($18.00)
UntitledHand pulled noodles, beef, red pepper, chives, sesame seeds and tomatoes. Noodles were the star again; chewy, bouncy bite. Enjoyed the addition of the sesame seeds.

Still need to try Baghven’s spicy braised lamb feet dish.

Baghven Uyghur Cuisine
3369 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
(778) 379-0995