Fresh Legend

Been several times to Fresh Legend. They’re a Taiwanese/HK dessert spot that specializes in taro balls and grass jelly. You’ll find them a few doors down from Fortune Lamb Dining and Li’s China Grill.


Sign outside.




There’s always the same lady running the front (with her husband helping in the back).




Seems their durian sago is popular (seen a few groups order multiple bowls).


The menu is split into herbal tea, double layered steam milk, grass jelly, taro balls, sago, HK style, fruit pancake, pudding, tofu dessert, special shaved ice and drinks.


Note: there’s a minimum order of one item per person.

Trip #1
We dropped in on a Saturday afternoon (around 2:45pm).

Grass jelly, fresh taro and mix jelly ($8.45)
UntitledWe didn’t want any beans in our grass jelly bowl so we asked for these three items as our combination. Grass jelly was fantastic; homemade with a slightly herbaceous note. Taro balls came out warm and had a good chew. Jelly (mix of lychee stars and jelly) added a touch of sweetness. The only thing we didn’t like about our bowl was that it came on a bed of ice.

Mango sago ($6.75)
UntitledA couple small chunks of mango. A touch frozen but sago was excellent and the mango was a perfect amount of sweetness.

Watermelon grass jelly ($6.75)
UntitledJ added taro balls (~$2.50) to his bowl. Cubed pieces of watermelon. I had a bite and found it was a bit watery but J said he liked it.

Trip #2
We dropped in on a late Friday evening (around 10:00pm).

Mango grass jelly ($6.95)
UntitledThis was basically a mango sago with the addition of grass jelly. Good.

Tofu dessert with black sesame soup ($7.45)
UntitledNot sweet at all. They don’t drizzle any syrup on the tofu, so it’s plain. Black sesame soup part was tasty.

Almond soup ($5.95)
UntitledJ added his usual taro balls and pearl toppings (~$3.00). Thick and it came out piping hot.

Trip #3

Winter melon tea with herbal jelly & taro balls ($4.95)
UntitledB ordered our drink hot. The winter melon had a subtle nutty note. Not too sweet. Mini taro balls could have a bit more of a chew.

Mango grass jelly ($6.95)
UntitledActually thought this was better than the last time we ordered it.

Tofu dessert with sweet almond soup ($7.45)
UntitledJ added grass jelly and taro balls (~$4.00). This was a tasty combination. Grass jelly came on the side.


Debit or cash only. Will continue to come back to FL for their desserts.

Fresh Legend
3393 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 265-0948


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