Mogu Fried Chicken

For those unaware, Mogu Fried Chicken started out as a food truck. Their specialty is Japanese style fried chicken. They’re located next to Bombay Kitchen + Bar.


Sign outside.




No wait as there’s plenty of seating inside along with three small tables on their sidewalk patio. Service was excellent; your typical sweet, friendly Japanese service.


The menu consists of salads & first bites, Mogu fried chicken, katsu, Japanese curry and noodles & rice.




The drink menu is extensive with beer, sake, fruit sake, shooyu, wine, Japanese whisky and cocktails.

Trip #1
Japanse curry chicken katsu ($22.00)
DSC04772Panko crusted chicken breast cutlet with rice and a small salad.


Salad was healthy (kale, cabbage, carrot and cucumber).


Chicken katsu had a good breading and bite to it. Curry sauce was homey and well balanced.

Garlic beef & scallions stir fry udon ($15.00)
DSC04776Braised beef bits, shaved bonito flakes, kimchi and nori. Udon had a satisfying chewy bite and the flavours were excellent. Well executed dish.

Trip #2
Spicy garlic fries ($6.50 large)
UntitledComes with a tartar sauce. Fries could be crispier. Decent.

Mogu fried chicken ($23.00 regular)
UntitledOpted for the chicken only option with spicy gochujang sesame sauce. Our order had 11 pieces. They nail their fried chicken; not greasy, good crunch, tender and moist.


Wish they weren’t so cheap on the sauce. One tiny sauce jar that foster maybe half of our chicken. At least the waitress brought us another jar when we asked.

Spicy pork stir fry udon ($15.00)
UntitledSpicy minced pork, garlic chives, egg and chili oil. Delicious, well balanced flavours. Udon had a great bite.

Japanese curry braised beef ($23.00)
UntitledBraised beef short rib with rice and side salad.


Beef pieces were tender.


Looking forward to coming back to MFC.

Mogu Fried Chicken
1012 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 215-1778