La Maison Saigon 54

Decided to give a new Vietnamese/Cambodian place, La Maison Saigon 54, a go. They’re located in the Champlain Plaza square.




We dropped in on a slow Friday evening (7:30pm). There’s two large sections of seating. Our waiter brought us tea in individual plastic cups.


The menu is standard; appetizers, chef’s recommendations, combos, noodles (pho), rice and vermicelli.



There’s three pho sizes: regular ($13.25), large ($15.25) and x-large ($16.25). The regular bowl is closer to a small.

Deep fried spring rolls ($7.95 for 2)
UntitledDidn’t try but the spring rolls looked tiny.

UntitledBasil, cooked bean sprouts and lime wedges.

Bun bo hue (#19) ($15.25 large)
UntitledBeef, beef shank, Vietnamese ham, beef ball, pork feet, tendon and tripe. No pork blood (although it says it’s included on the menu description). Good variety of meats but unfortunately, they gave us two pieces of beef shank that had gone bad. First time experiencing that. The broth was disappointing; no depth and lacklustre. A well below average BBH.

Hu tieu bo kho (#29) ($15.75 large)
UntitledBeef stew with cabbage. No carrots which was a complete letdown. The beef pieces were overcooked. Thought we were getting bo kho but this wasn’t the case. Broth was even plainer.

Pho ga (#33) ($13.25 regular)
UntitledJ asked for his broth to be spicy. Was told his bowl was okay but a tiny portion.

No plans to go back to LMS 54.

La Maison Saigon 54
7056 Kerr Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 436-4831