JoDeen Cafe

Never heard of JoDeen Cafe before but we came for desserts. They specialize in Taiwanese wheel cakes and are around the corner from Grandma Liu Hot Pot.


Hours. Closed on Tuesdays.


Weekday special combo (15% off when you purchase two cakes and a drink).


We dropped in on a bumping Friday evening (around 8:30pm). Sadly, they were sold out of several of their wheel cake flavours. Go up to the counter to order and wait for your number to be called.


The menu consists of wheel cakes, coffee, tea latte and bubble tea (milk tea and fresh brewed tea).


There’s 8 flavours of wheel cakes ranging from $3.35 to $3.85.

Passion fruit green tea ($5.75)
UntitledWe added agar jelly ($0.50) and asked for 50% sugar, no ice. The agar jellies were chewy but didn’t have any flavour. Nothing particularly memorable about the drink.

Lychee green tea ($5.75)
UntitledJ added pearls ($0.50) and agar jelly ($0.50).

Cheese & corn wheel cake ($3.85)
UntitledTried a savoury flavour. Not my cup of tea. Corn was “Green Giant” style corn niblets (aka. straight out of a can). Only thing I liked was the outside cake part.

Taro wheel cake ($3.35)
UntitledTaro filling was bland.

Red bean wheel cake
UntitledThey messed up part of our order but threw in an extra wheel cake. There was plenty of red bean but flavour, again, was bland.


Didn’t love any of JoDeen Cafe’s offerings.

JoDeen Cafe
6969 Gilley Avenue
Burnaby, BC
(604) 430-8521