Sichuan City

Called a dozen places to see what was open during American Thanksgiving and only Sichuan City Chinese Restaurant answered. It’s a few doors down from Kumi Buffet.


We dropped in on a packed Thursday evening (around 7:30pm). Service is bad, even for Chinese standards, but the kitchen is quick. Our dishes came out in under 10 minutes.


The menu is massive. Lunch specials ($12.95 to $13.95) are offered everyday from 11:00am to 2:30pm.

2x Rice ($1.00 USD each)

Cheng Du twice cooked pork ($16.95 USD)
UntitledThinly sliced pork with garlic, ginger, jalapeños and green onions. Absolutely massive portion. Nice heat and the pork was tasty.

Eggplant in hot garlic sauce ($14.95 USD)
UntitledSauce was too sweet and the eggplant skin was extremely tough. Again, good portion but this dish was poorly executed. Disappointing.

Bring a large crew (4 to 6 people) to experience the most of Szechuan eats. Don’t expect great, if any, service at SC.

Sichuan City
11342 SE 82nd Ave
Happy Valley, OR
(503) 305-6879