Pho Super Bowl

Never been to Pho Super Bowl but decided to give them a try. They’re known for their large portions, hence the name.


It’s in the same plaza as Me + Crepe, Katsuya and Pokerrito.


We dropped in on a slow Tuesday evening (around 7:15pm). Service was dreadful. Seems to be a common occurrence. Witnessed a waitress go to a table and leave before they finished ordering.


The menu consists of appetizers, banh mi, specials, pho, beef stew, egg noodle, combos, rice plates and vermicelli. Most dishes are $13.95 to $18.95.

UntitledBean sprouts, basil, lemon wedges and hot peppers. Basil wasn’t the freshest.

Pho bo sate (#3) ($15.95 large)
UntitledBeef satay soup with rare steak. Steak was thin but they overcooked in the broth. Not sure how you can call this a pho sate. Detected no peanut flavour. Broth was bland and boring. Had to throw in some of their chili paste to give it some oomph. There’s a massive amount of rice noodles, but even these were disappointing. Noodles became soft and limp halfway through. Terrible.

Bun bo hue (#4) ($15.95 large)
UntitledBrisket, pork ham and chicken balls. The broth was average, lacked depth and complexity. Little variety in their meats. This is quantity over quality BBH.

Bun thit nuong sa, cha gio thit (#66) ($18.25)
UntitledGrilled lemongrass pork and two spring rolls. Spring rolls were of the Chinese variety. J said the pork was overcooked. Didn’t enjoy his vermicelli bowl much.


Don’t understand the high praise for PSB. No plans to return with so many better Vietnamese spots in town.

Pho Super Bowl
555 Clarke Road
Coquitlam, BC
(604) 937-0789