Simba’s Grill

We decided to give Simba’s Grill a try. They’re a family run restaurant specialize in East African fusion cuisine. Slightly in an odd location but located next door to a Starbucks.




We dropped in on a Friday evening (at 8:00pm). The inside is spacious and the tables are well spread out. Our waiter was one of the chef/owners, who is one of those individuals that goes out and chats with all the tables.


The menu consists of appetizers, chef’s specials (interestingly, no daily special available when we inquired), entrees (meat, rice, vegetarian, curry) and desserts.


Entrees range from $15.00 to $30.00.

UntitledYogurt, coconut, tamarind, hot sauce and mango.


We were originally given a second hot sauce but the owner came by our table, told us it was “too spicy” and took it away. Strange. We didn’t get to taste that one but the mango sauce was fantastic (a punch in the face, with a touch of mango note at the end).

Rice ($5.00)
UntitledA good enough portion to compliment our two other entrees.

Naan ($3.00)
UntitledQuite plain and a touch denser compared to the usual Indian naans.

Kuku choma ($20.00)
UntitledBarbecued chicken tenders with rice. Decent char on the chicken, but sadly slightly overcooked and dry. Needed the sauces and chutneys to give it some oomph in flavour.

Paka ($18.00)
UntitledTilapia in a cilantro coconut-based curry. Tilapia was also overcooked. Curry was very light in flavour. Wouldn’t get this again.

Machicha masala ($18.00)
UntitledPrawns in spinach cooked in a tomato curry. This was the best dish of the night. 5 good sized prawns that were cooked perfectly. Spinach was a touch bland but liked that it was hearty and chunky.

Not many African places in town. An okay first meal at SG.

Simba’s Grill
#201, 3300 Boundary Road
Burnaby, BC
(604) 974-0649