Hanbo Korean Noodle

Met up with friends in town to try a new Korean spot, Hanbo Korean Noodle. They specialize in knife cut noodles. They’re next to Ishtar Restaurant and Seoul Korean BBQ.


Hours. Note: they close for a break between 3:00pm to 5:00pm.


We dropped in on a packed Wednesday (12:00pm). All the tables were full. Wait time was about 25 minutes with a continuous lineup of customers. Service was excellent as they came by several times to offer banchan refills.



The one page menu consists of kalguksu, mandu, appetizers and jeon. Love a small, tight menu.

UntitledKimchi and pickled onion/cucumber/celery. Kimchi was fantastic; fresh, crunchy and a good spice level.


Pickled mix of vegetables was enjoyable, my favourite was the cucumbers.

Dipping sauce

Mini kimbab ($4.50 for 3)
UntitledRice, fishcake, pickled radish, sesame seed and oil. Tiny but quality was good.

Kimchi jeon ($13.90)
UntitledThin and perfectly crispy. Surprisingly, no dipping sauce but the jeon was well executed.

Pork & kimchi mandu ($17.50)
Untitled3 pieces each of pork and kimchi dumplings. These babies are plump. Good bite to the wrapping. Filling was generous but bland.

Beef kalguksu ($16.90)
UntitledSliced brisket, shank, sliced egg, green onion and noodles. Beef broth was homey and comforting. Decent amount of beef. Good portion of noodles and for a Korean style noodle, good elasticity. I’d like it a little firmer but it was enjoyable.

Pork bone kalguksu ($17.90)
UntitledOnly difference in this bowl was the braised pork bone and pork broth. Broth tasted similar, perhaps slightly less flavourful compared to the beef broth. Pork meat was excellent.

Would happily come back to HKN for more kalguksu.

Hanbo Korean Noodle
4340 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 214-1576