B&D Authentic Viet Cuisine

Finally made it out to try B&D Authentic Viet Cuisine. It’s a family run Vietnamese spot (husband runs the front, wife is the chef) next door to Anatolia’s Gate Restaurant.


The inside is modern, bright and spacious.


Service was friendly but slow. Had to wave them down to replenish our hot pot broth and to get tea pots refilled.


The menu is split into appetizers, noodles, rice & vermicelli, share dishes, vegetarian and sweet dishes.

Trip #1
We dropped in on a packed Saturday evening (around 7:30pm). We put our name down on the wait list. Took about 20 minutes for a table to open up.

Lau bo da lot ($27.00)
UntitledThis is good for 2 people. Beef broth with beef flank, tendon, taro, tofu, egg noodles, veggies and a fermented tofu sauce.


Broth was flavourful. The tofu sauce was unique; reminded me of a habanero sauce. Good portion of meat and vegetables. Favourite vegetable was the dried tofu skin. Egg noodles were okay but nothing special. Least favourite thing was the taro, very starchy. Nice to see different dishes offered here as you don’t see Vietnamese hot pot much.

Banh hoi thit nuong cha gio ($23.00)
UntitledFine rice vermicelli, lettuce, gai-choy, herbs, betel beef, mini spring rolls, pork, prawn and lemongrass pork sausage.


All the meat skewers were great. Mini spring rolls were small but crispy. Betel beef were also small but tasty. Best of the skewers was the lemongrass pork sausage. Wrapped around a piece of lemongrass, which really enhanced the flavours.

UntitledBean sprouts, basil, hot peppers and a lime wedge. Small portion.

Bun bo hue ($15.00)
UntitledPork hock, beef shank, Hue ham, beef balls, onion and cilantro. Broth was clean but still had good depth. A touch of heat, but very subtle.


I’ve had my share of BBH’s in town and this one was very solid.

Banh khoai mi ($7.00)
UntitledCassava cake made from egg, condensed milk and coconut milk. The cake took some time to come out but it was hot and steamy. Not too sweet and real shredded coconut.

Trip #2
We dropped in on an early Sunday (around 5:30pm). It was full within an hour.

Banh khọt ($15.00)
UntitledCoconut rice cake with prawns, green onions and herbs. Nice to try but pricey.

Braised duck noodles ($20.00)
UntitledDuck leg with coconut broth, shitake mushrooms, sher-li-hon, red date and goji berry. We subbed the egg noodles for rice noodles. The broth was interesting, nice flavours but in a different, unexpected way. Well balanced and not too herbaceous. The shitake mushrooms were plump. Duck leg had a good amount of meat on it. Worth a try if you want to try something new.

Com ga xoi mo ($17.00)
UntitledCrispy chicken leg with chicken rice, cucumbers, shredded carrots, tomato, fried egg and fish sauce. Decent fare but I wouldn’t order this over any of their noodles options.

Bun bo hue ($15.00)
UntitledBroth was a touch spicier than our first visit. Enjoyable again.


Will be back to B&D to try more dishes.

B&D Authentic Viet Cuisine
7090 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 553-6688