Best Kabab

We were planning to go for dinner at another spot but it was closed for a celebration. Decided to try Best Kebab, a restaurant that specializes in Turkish cuisine.




We dropped in on a bumping Saturday evening (around 6:30pm). There’s an abundance of tables inside but it was very smoky (guess they don’t have the greatest ventilation). Service was slow and lethargic.


The menu consists of appetizers, salads/soups, entrees and desserts. Entrees are in the $15.95 to $32.95 price range. Wish they still offered lamacun.

Bread and acili ezme
UntitledComplimentary to start our meal. Bread was fresh and the ezme (spicy Turkish salsa) was delicious.

3-in-1 kebab (#2) ($24.95)
UntitledChicken kebab, adana kebab and beef shish. All the entrees come with rice (fluffy and buttery), fries, garlic sauce, hummus and salad (dressing was tasty). My favourite was the beef shish. The chicken kebab was a touch on the dry side.

Half shish half adana (#3) ($21.95)
UntitledBoth meats were excellent. Again, the shish was top notch.

Mix shawarma (#11) ($19.95)
UntitledHalf chicken and half beef shawarma. Best of both worlds.

Chicken thigh (#13) ($19.95)
UntitledChicken was tender and had a nice char.

Baklava ($6.50)
UntitledWe were told they only had three pieces left so not sure if they charged us the full price. Baklava was fresh and not too sweet. Really well done.


Pleasantly surprised by Best Kebab. Would come back for their liver shish and lamb chop plates.

Best Kabab
12503 – 127 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 761-2829