We went to Oddfish for a fancy celebratory meal. They offer small plates, mostly focusing on seafood and are run by the same folks that own Nook and Tavola.


We dropped in on a packed Tuesday evening with 7:30pm reservations. This place is popular, especially in the summertime.


The inside is spacious but there’s also a large outdoor, shaded patio area. Service was friendly and our waters (the tiniest cups) were constantly filled.



Two menus; both short and sweet. Appetizers, pasta, seafood and vegetables.


A couple drink specials.


There’s also a small dessert selection.

Kanpachi crudo, serrano, lime zest ($20.00)
UntitledYou get 8 small pieces of amberjack. Simple but well executed. Fresh, acidic and a touch of heat.

Prawn aguachile ceviche, cilantro, avocado ($22.00)
UntitledThis came with a small bowl of corn chips. Not much prawn but the Mexican aguachile marinade was tasty. The red onions and pickled onion added a nice bite.

Seared scallops, apricot mostarda ($32.00)
UntitledYou get 4 pieces of scallops. Scallops were excellent; perfectly seared and succulent. The cauliflower puree underneath was good but we wanted way more than a smear on the plate.

Potato wrapped halibut, green onion, tomato ($35.00)
UntitledHalibut was tender and flaky. The thin slices of potato were okay but again, we wanted more. The tomato fondue was light and refreshing.

Don’t expect to be full after your meal. Tasty but small portions at Oddfish.

1889 W 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
(604) 564-6330