Baan Wasana Thai Restaurant

I’d never heard of Baan Wasana Thai Restaurant until I saw a friend post about them. It’s a family run Northern Thai spot located in between Jess’ Restaurant and Nana’s Green Tea.


Sign outside.




We’ve been twice now, both for dinner visits. Service has been friendly and sweet even when it’s been busy.


The menu is split into appetizers, soups, salads, beef/pork/chicken/seafood, curries, noodles, fried rice, vegetarian and desserts.


You can choose your spice level (1 – very mild to 5 – extra hot). We went with a 4, which was perfect.


They also have $12.00 to $14.00 lunch specials (Tuesday to Saturday, 11:30am to 2:00pm).

Trip #1
We dropped in on a Friday evening (around 7:30pm) and it was packed. We put our names down and waited about 30 minutes to grab a table.

2x Thai iced tea ($4.00)
DSC05590Good sized. One of the better versions we’ve had in awhile.

Thai spring rolls
DSC05591Stuffed with cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts and glass noodles. These came out on the house (due to a slight wait) which was a nice gesture.


Spring rolls were crunchy and reminded me of how my grandma used to make her spring rolls.

Pa naeng ($15.00)
DSC05595Coconut milk curry topped with shredded lime leaf. We opted for the beef.


Curry was flavourful and well balanced.

Jasmine rice ($4.50 large bowl)
DSC05597Good enough to share between three.

Pad kee mao ($15.00)
DSC05593Thick rice noodles with green bean, basil, bell peppers and onion in cooking wine. We opted for the pork. This was the spiciest dish; really liked the kick/heat level. Decent amount of vegetables.

Pla lad prig ($20.00)
DSC05600Deep fried fish topped with Thai chilli sauce. J’s been craving deep fried fish, for some reason. It came topped with a mix of cubed bell peppers. I’ve never been a fan of deep fried fish as you don’t get to taste the fish, especially comparing to when it’s steamed. This was okay; crispy but not a lot of meat on the fish and you just don’t get much flavour notes.

Trip #2
Som tum ($12.00)
UntitledShredded green papaya, carrot, tomato, green beans, peanut and dried shrimp. Standard fare.

Jasmine rice ($8.00 family size)
UntitledGood enough to share between our group of four.

Pad gra tiem with tiger prawns ($17.00)
UntitledSauteed with garlic, pepper, white onion, broccoli, and bell peppers. Decent portion of prawns (you get 7) and vegetables. Sauce went well with the stir fry.

Yellow curry ($15.00)
UntitledTurmeric coconut milk curry with potato and onion. This was my favourite dish.


Level of heat/spice was spot on and a generous portion of beef. Curry was well balanced.

Raad na ($15.00)
UntitledStir-fried thick rice noodles with a soybean gravy and leafy greens. Reminded us of the Chinese version of this dish. Comfort food.

Baan Wasana special ($14.00)
UntitledStir-fried snap pea, black mushroom, carrot, and tofu. Solid. Really liked the black mushrooms, which had a touch of that funky goodness.

Great meals at Baan Wasana. Will be back soon to try more dishes.

Baan Wasana Thai Restaurant
2143 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
(778) 371-8971