Merci Beaucoup Cafe

Happy to see that Au Petit Cafe lives on through this avenue as Merci Beaucoup Cafe. It’s nestled on the same street that houses Vera’s On The Drive, Harbour Oyster + Bar and Marcello Ristorante & Pizzeria.


Sign outside.





We’ve been twice for lunch and have had no trouble snagging a table. Service is friendly and they brought us both water and tea. Seems to be a popular spot for takeout.


The menu consists of banh mi, pho, vermicelli bowls, rice and drinks. Their pho is in the $14.00 to $16.00 price range.


They also sell their own chili oil ($11.00) and xo sauce ($18.00).

Trip #1
Banh mi ($1.50)
DSC04247We decided to order a side of their baguette to go with our curry bowl. Banh mi was fresh and crispy.

DSC04249The usual bean sprouts, basil and lemon wedge. Definitely one of the smaller portion sizes I’ve seen.

Pho ga nuong sa (#16) ($16.00)
DSC04251Lemongrass chicken with bok choy, onion and cilantro. They were out of the chicken broth but subbed in beef instead. Broth reminded me somewhat of wonton soup but obviously, a much tastier version. Sweeter with some star anise coming through. Lemongrass chicken was tender.


Their chili hot sauce was enjoyable.

Pho ca ri bo (#21) ($15.00)
DSC04254Beef curry stew with carrots. The beef was the star of the dish but there were also a couple pieces of tendon. Carrots are great but wish they gave you a few more chunks. Broth body and depth; interesting with turmeric added in.


Trip #2
UntitledSimilar to last time except there was some additional shredded lettuce.

Pho bo kho (#21) ($15.00)
UntitledBeef noodle stew. This is as close as you’ll get to Au Petit Cafe’s best dish. The broth was flavourful but a touch on the sweet side. Beef was super tender along with a couple of satisfying chunks of carrot. The noodles clumped up slightly but we liked the bean sprouts that were hidden underneath.

Bun cha ca (#18) ($15.00)
UntitledFish cakes, fish balls, water celery, tomato, dill and green onions in a chicken broth. The broth was light; clean and simple. This doesn’t beat our favourite bun cha ca in town but it was decent. Wish it was more dilly and that it had more substance.


MBC is a nice addition to the ‘hood and we will return soon to try a couple more bowls.

Merci Beaucoup Cafe
1468 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 255-3220