Shanghai Lu Restaurant

We went for a big family dinner at Shanghai Lu Restaurant. It’s next door to the Holiday Inn (where you can park for free, in their upstairs parking lot, on P4).


Sign outside. They offer dim sum everyday from 10:00am to 3:00pm.


We’d made reservations for a Saturday evening (6:00pm) but it didn’t seem necessary. There were three other tables occupied, the rest of the restaurant was empty. Service was attentive and efficient (that being said, we were the only large group there).


We ordered in advance the king crab & peking duck dinner (for 10 people). If you want to ball out, this is it.


Highlights are three courses from a massive king crab (~9 lbs) and two courses of Peking duck. Cost was roughly $800.

Five kinds of cold cut platter
UntitledJellyfish, marinated beef, deep fried pepper salt tofu, honey garlic spare ribs and seaweed salad. Best thing was the spare ribs. Jellyfish was missing a satisfying chewy texture. The tofu was lightly fried and battered. First time I’ve seen seaweed salad on a cold platter. Okay but a strange addition.

Steamed king crab claw with garlic
UntitledTwo plates full of king crab. Garlic sauce on top was marvelous. The king crab itself was slightly sweet, decadent and fresh. First time I’ve tried king crab; I know understand why people pay top dollar for this delicacy.

Sautéed king crab feet with pepper salt
UntitledLightly fried with the shell included. Don’t eat the shell (obviously) but there’s a good amount of meat in each piece. Delicious!

Fried rice on king crab shell with Portuguese sauce
UntitledThe fanciest fried rice I’ve had. They stuff it with pineapple, peas, carrots, prawns and crab, all over a creamy curry sauce. Not overly rich but satisfying.

Crispy duck skin with steamed flour pancake
UntitledComes with a sweet bean sauce and spring onions. Duck was succulent and the skin was slightly crispy.



You get about 10 pieces of the pancakes. Assemble your own and enjoy. This one was gone quickly.

Duck meat
UntitledComes with a pile of iceberg lettuce.


Same deal; scoop a spoonful or two of meat, add some of the bean sauce then wrap in the lettuce. Very enjoyable.

Duck bone & tofu soup
UntitledThe soup is light/plain but you can add in some of the duck bone (there’s some meat) and cabbage to your bowl.


Seemed somewhat like a palate cleanser.

Special crispy skin salted chicken
UntitledChicken was solid. Good crisp to the skin and tender (even the white meat pieces).

Braised mixed mushroom with pea tips
UntitledThe mushrooms were tasty. Pea tips were good but some of the root/stem parts were a touch on the firmer side.

UntitledNot sure if this changes but we were given a baked tapioca pudding. The waiter cuts it for you into separate bowls. Decent but standard fare.

Was an enjoyable feast at SLR but be ready to shell out those hundies.

Shanghai Lu Restaurant
705 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 873-9147