Holy Chow

We were looking for a new place to try and settled on Holy Chow. It’s an Asian fusion spot that took over from a bar previously (The Lucky Penny Bar).


We dropped in for a Wednesday lunch (right at noon) and were the only patrons during our visit.



Service was friendly, a one man affair. Fun: spotted a N64 at the bar.


Menu is straight forward with appetizers, KFC and rice/wheat noodle bowls. Bowls are priced at $18.50. Unfortunately, they were out of their noodles so we could only try the rice bowls.

Braised beef shortrib dumplings ($9.50 for 6)
UntitledThe filling was dry and bland. Couldn’t tell that these were handmade. Skip it.

Korean fried chicken ($16.00 for 4)
UntitledWe opted for the tangy fish sauce as we were told the numbing Szechuan sauce was 15/10 on the spice level (doubt it). This was my favourite dish but pricey as you only get four pieces. That being said, the KFC was nicely battered and crispy.

Pork shoulder bowl ($18.50)
UntitledAll their bowls come with cabbage, tea smoked egg, green onion and onions. We were given the option of soy or spicy (supposedly a 5/10); we went with the spicy which was more like a 1 to 2 in heat. Pork shoulder was well marinated and tender. Tea egg didn’t have a smoky flavour but was still solid.

Shaking beef bowl ($18.50)
UntitledBeef was also enjoyable. Similar to Korean bulgogi but not as sweet.

Lemongrass chicken bowl ($18.50)
UntitledWe opted for the gluten free option. Found the lemongrass flavour was very subtle. My least favourite of the three bowls.

Decent eats but nothing stands out about Holy Chow.

Holy Chow
433 W Pender Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 358-8098