Tibet Kitchen

We were in town for a short visit but managed to squeeze in a dinner with friends at Tibet Kitchen. They specialize in Nepalese food. You’ll find them next door Bodega Mexican Restaurant and JusFruit.


We dropped in on a Monday (around 6:30pm) and it wasn’t too busy. Service was friendly and liked how they brought a whole jug of water for the table.


The menu is split into appetizers, soups, Tibetan specialties and main dishes (vegetarian, fried rice, chow mein, pork, seafood, chicken and beef).

2x Bhod-jha ($2.50)
UntitledTibetan butter tea. N didn’t like it at all and he likes everything butter. Over the top salty.

Jha ngarmo ($2.50)
UntitledIndian sweet chai tea. Standard fare.

Mango lassi ($5.00)

Laping (#10) ($10.00)
UntitledSpicy cold green bean noodles. We were expecting a cold noodle dish but this was completely different.


Noodles had a good bite and the filling was tasty. Interesting that they threw in tiny bits of dried instant noodles for some texture.


The homemade spicy hot sauce was delicious! Unexpected kick.

Momo platter (#3) ($16.00 for 8)
UntitledWe opted for steamed and were given two each of beef, chicken, vegetable and tofu. My favourite from the four was the beef.

Chicken momo (#19) ($15.00 for 8)
UntitledWe tried the fried version. Normally, I prefer steamed over fried but the fried was good.


Not too deep fried or greasy.

Sha-bhaley (#24) ($16.00 for 4)
UntitledDeep fried bread stuffed with ground beef and onion. Enjoyable but pricey for what you get. At this point, this was a lot of carbs.

Thenthuk (#26) ($14.00)
UntitledHand pulled Tibetan flat pasta with pasta. We opted for the pork. The broth is simple, basic. Noodles were okay but when you describe it as hand pulled, I expect greatness. Would order something else next time.

Shaptak (#51) ($18.00)
UntitledWe opted for the “gravy” version. Sliced beef with onion, peppers and green onion. Average stir fry fare. Sauce was one-dimensional, mostly leaning to the sweet side.


Stick with the momos at TK.

Tibet Kitchen
318 10 Street NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 270-8828