Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant

It’s been a few years since our last visit to Sun Bo Kong. Not much has changed since. Still the only place in town that we know about that offers 100% vegetarian dim sum.


We dropped in on a Friday (around noon) and it wasn’t busy. Tea is $1.25/person and dim sum is in the $4.95 to $7.95 price range.

Steamed bean curd wrap ($5.75)
UntitledOrdered this last time and it’s still as good as we remember. Get it.

Five grain rice in lotus leaf ($7.50)
UntitledAnother solid staple that we always get. Would get again.

Stir fried turnip cake with XO sauce ($10.75)
UntitledNo “kick” but the turnip cakes were excellently cooked. Light, satisfying bite.

Deep-fried beancurd skin stuffed with burdock ($6.25)
UntitledNot what I was expecting from the description but decent.

Steamed BBQ bun ($5.50 for 3)

Panfried stuffed eggplant ($6.95)
UntitledThis was the best dish from the 11 that we ordered. Great portion and the “meat” was delicious. Nice crunchy texture on the outside.

Truffle & mushroom siu mei ($6.25)
UntitledThey re-vamped the siu mei and it was much better from the previous iteration (when it was corn oatmeal siu mei). Still didn’t love the mushy texture.

Pan-fried lily bulb and mushroom dumpling ($6.25 for 3)
UntitledBest of the dumplings we ordered. Good texture and filling.

Xiao long bao ($6.50)
UntitledAlways skeptical to get XLB at a non-Shanghainese spot. Texture again was mushy and no soup inside. Not good.

Truffle, mushroom & pea tips rice flour roll ($7.95)
UntitledThe combo sounded great but it was plain jane. Didn’t taste much, if any, truffle.

Panfried turnip cake ($5.25)
UntitledNot greasy and tasty. Surprisingly different than the turnip cake with XO sauce.

A couple misses but overall, an enjoyable dim sum affair at SBK.

Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant
1363 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 255-8927