Little Minh’s

I’ve had Little Minh’s bookmarked for ages. Finally made the drive out to try them for dinner. They’re located in Market Crossing next to a Chicko Chicken branch. Interesting that the owner also runs Pho Den.


We dropped in on a Sunday evening (around 8:00pm). Service was attentive and the waitresses came by half a dozen times to see if we needed water refills.


The menu consists of appetizers, bone broth, combos, back to basics and desserts.

UntitledBean sprouts, Thai basil, lemon wedges and sliced hot peppers.

Sate ($16.00)
UntitledSautéed beef, chili sate and peanut butter. This was the better of the two soups that we ordered. However, the broth wasn’t creamy or rich. Flavours were very subdued and watered down. The best thing was the sautéed beef, which was plentiful.

Bun bo hue ($15.50)
UntitledVietnamese ham, brisket, flank, pork and pork balls. The broth was lacklustre and lacked complexity. The best of the meats was the four handmade pork balls. Pork was unfortunately dry. The bowl came with a larger than normal amount of broth, but not enough noodles. We weren’t fully satisfied. Being one of their speciality, the BBH was disappointing.

Vermicelli combo ($19.00)
UntitledJ went with the grilled chicken, pork and spring roll (option #4) and coconut milk tea (he also added panda jelly and coconut jelly).


Drink was way too sweet. He couldn’t force himself to finish it.


No urge for us to come back to Little Minh’s. So many other satisfying BBH and sate options elsewhere.

Little Minh’s
7533 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC
(778) 928-6668