Tsuki Sushi Bar

Never heard of Tsuki Sushi Bar before but we decided to give them a try. It seems to be a Korean run Japanese restaurant. You’ll find them next door to Taishoken Ramen.


We dropped in on a Saturday evening (around 8:30pm) and less than a handful of tables were occupied. They were playing the Oilers game on one of their TV’s. Service was passable but we had to flag our waiter down to get tea refills.


The menu is massive; most interesting thing they offer is the oven baked rolls.


We don’t really order much rolls but the veggie special rolls looked promising.

Miso soup
UntitledThey brought a small bowl to start. Nice and hot.

Ebi udon ($10.00)
UntitledTwo pieces of ebi tempura with spinach and fish cakes. The tempura was tasty but arrived soggy as they dump it into the bowl. Broth was piping hot and detected notes of seaweed. I was disappointed at how little udon you get along with a lack of bounce/chew to the texture. Cheap but not satisfying.

Ika umeshiso maki ($5.00) and negitoro maki ($5.00)
UntitledSquid with plum and Japanese mint. The umeshiso was light and not tangy enough. Negitoro was easily the best of the three rolls with a creamy mouthfeel. The makis were small, uneven and not rolled properly. One piece wasn’t even filled half way.

Chopped scallop roll ($5.00)
UntitledChopped scallop was decent. Again, the rolls were all over the place size-wise.

Nigiri combo ($21.00 for 11)
UntitledTwo pieces each of sockeye salmon, tuna and ebi along with a saba, tako, tamago, masago and hokkigai. No wasabi and an excessive amount of rice in each piece of nigiri. Literally double the amount of rice necessary. Best piece was the saba and the tamago. Rest were standard fare. Don’t bother with the nigiri; thinking the assorted sashimi ($27.00 for 19 pieces) would have been wiser.

Didn’t find anything particularly unique at TSB. Sloppy rolls and overall poor execution.

Tsuki Sushi Bar
509 Abbott Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 558-3805