Kimbap Cheonguk

Kimbap Cheonguk has been on my list of Korean places to try for agesThey’re located in an unassuming plaza that also houses Yewon Korean Restaurant, Bukchigo Jangguchigo and Pho Capital.




Outside photos of some of their dishes.



Service was friendly and prompt with refills and grabbing extra utensils/bowls/scissors to share. The hot kettle that they brought out was unique; some kind of delicious, homey soup broth.


The menu is short and sweet with a total of 24 items. Note: prices on the menu have increased by ~$1.00 from when these were taken.



We were a group of 5 so we were able to order a good amount of dishes to try.

Trip #1
We dropped in on a Sunday afternoon (around 1:30pm).

DSC00970Sliced yellow radish and cubed radish.


Both were good to whet everyone’s appetites.

Ddock bok ki (#7) ($11.95)
DSC00976Rice cake, cabbage, onion and fish cakes. The rice cakes had a firm, bouncy texture. Fish cakes really absorbed all the sauce. Would be nice if this included a bowl of rice.

Chicken with cheese ddock bok ki (#10) ($25.95)
DSC00974There was also some onion, cabbage and a slice of processed cheese on top for good measure. Chicken was flavourful and tender. Everyone loved the cheesy, oozy goodness. The sauce hits your taste buds initially with sweetness but ends with a good kick of heat. This was a perfect dish to share.

Beef kim bap (#5) ($6.75)
DSC00977Beef, carrot, spinach, fish cake, egg and yellow radish. Excellent. The kim bap are fresh and well made. Pure quality.

Regular kim bap (#1) ($4.95) – the same ingredients as above except without any beef or cucumbers. Solid.

Al bob (#19) ($12.95)
DSC00979Stone pot rice, carrot, cabbage, yellow radish, tuna, mozzarella cheese, tobiko and seaweed.



This came with two side sauces; tuna cucumber and a slightly spicy radish sauce. Never seen this bibimbap style before. The bottom of the rice bowl got crispy. The tuna was light and the cheese added a pleasant, somewhat creamy texture.

Mul naeng myeon (#22) ($14.50)
DSC00980Cold noodles, beef, egg, radish and cucumbers. Honestly, I’m not a fan of Korean cold noodles but this was a light, refreshing palate cleanser to end our meal. We all agreed that this wouldn’t satisfy (someone in our party) individually but a small bowl was the perfect amount.

Trip #2
We grabbed a couple dishes for takeout and took to a park to eat.

Beef kim bab ($6.75)
DSC04240I’ve tried all of their kim bap offerings and the beef is my favourite.

Crabmeat kim bab (#6) ($6.75)
DSC04238Crabmeat was a touch on the dry side.

O deng (#14) ($8.50)
DSC04244Fish cake soup with a side of rice. Broth was light, simple and homey. Decent variety of fish balls and fish cake slices.

Rice cake ramen (#12) ($8.50)
DSC04246Korean instant noodles with rice cakes. Nothing too memorable about this dish, other than there being an abundance of bean sprout and cabbage.

Totally coming back to KC. Authentic, homey Korean eats. Must try their kim baps!

Kimbap Cheonguk
341 North Road A
Coquitlam, BC
(604) 936-0222