Little Yunnan Restaurant

Been wanting to check out Little Yunnan Restaurant for ages. It’s located close to MAiiZ Nixtamal Tortillería and Don Mee Seafood Restaurant.




We dropped in for an early Thursday dinner (around 5:45pm) and it was decently busy. The inside is huge with plenty of tables.



Service was excellent and our waitress came by several times to refill our tea.


The menu is split into crossing the bridge rice noodles, noodle dishes, rice dishes, dumplings, Yunnan dishes and desserts.

Traditional crossing the bridge rice noodle (A1) ($14.99)
DSC05483We decided to try one of their most popular dishes. Broth was homey and flavourful.








You dump the quail egg in first, followed by the meat and then the rest of the vegetables and rice noodles. Definitely worth a try.

Stewed beef rice noodle soup (C6) ($15.99)
DSC05490Beef chunks, carrot, broccoli, cabbage and rice noodles in a chicken broth. There’s a spicy icon on the menu but there’s zero heat (but that was what we expected). Add the chili oil if you want a small kick. The 6 pieces of stewed beef were decently tender but some were a touch on the dry side. Broth was simple and didn’t entice the taste buds. Would skip this one and try C5 instead.

Handmade rice ball (D1) ($4.99)
DSC05495We were hoping to try the rosy herbal jelly dessert but unfortunately, it wasn’t available that night. We settled on the rice balls with black sesame and peanut filling. Decent.


I’d like to try their dry noodle/no soup options but the crossing the bridge rice noodles is the way to go.

Little Yunnan Restaurant
546 Fisgard St
Victoria, BC
(778) 269-3507