Le Petit Saigon

Walked by Le Petit Saigon a few times and noticed they seem to be reasonably popular. They’re located next door to High Point – Beer Wine Spirits.


Sign outside.


Hours. Open everyday to 10:00pm.


We dropped in on a Saturday (around noon). People eat quickly here and it seems to be a popular destination for solo diners. Service was decent but we had to ask for a pot of tea and flag them down for refills. There’s a TV up that was playing NCAA football.


Menu is split into appetizers, house special, noodle soups, vermicelli, rice and a few special dishes (only offered after 3:00pm). They offer bo 3 mon ($39.95), which is a rarity in town (only seen this dish offered at two other Vietnamese spots).

Goi cuon chay (#2B) ($7.50 for 2)
DSC05466Veggie salad rolls (consisted of a massive amount of shredded carrot and lettuce). Meh.

Ga nuong cuon (#5B) ($8.50 for 2)
DSC05465Lemongrass chicken salad roll. This were the better of the two.

DSC05469Basil, bean sprouts, lime wedge and hot peppers. Very small portion.

Pho dac biet (#15) ($13.50 large)
DSC05478Rare beef slices, beef brisket, beef balls, tripe and tendon. The rare beef slices cooked incredibly quick so beware or else they will overcook. Best was the beef brisket which managed to stay tender. Broth was decent but nothing to make it stand out.

Bun mo chai, sate, la lot (#53) ($15.00)
DSC05470Three flavoured beef over vermicelli. We ordered this for the la lot but unfortunately, all of the beef sausages were touch dry and slightly chewy.


The vermicelli was very plain; would have been better if they had also brought out a side of nuoc mam.


LPS is competent but doesn’t have anything to make me want to come back for more.

Le Petit Saigon
2783 Hastings Street E
Vancouver, BC
(604) 251-6340