Naka Bistro Lao + Thai Cuisine

Don’t come out to Langley often so we decided to check out Naka Bistro Lao + Thai Cuisine for lunch. They’re a family run business and apparently, the only restaurant in metro Vancouver offering Laotian dishes.


Sign outside.


Hours. Closed on Sundays.


We dropped in on a Friday afternoon (around 1:00pm) and it was packed. We were told it would be roughly a 20-30 minute wait but luckily, it was closer to 20. Service was friendly but lacked some attentiveness. Our waitress offered other meat options but didn’t inform us that it was $2.00 extra.


The menu is split into starters, soups & salad, lao, stir fry, noodles & rice and lunch specials. 7 daily lunch special options (available from 11:00am to 3:00pm). All the lunch deals come with a house salad, vegetarian spring roll and steamed rice.

Pad kaprao ($12.00)
DSC05453Sauteed chicken with basil, bell peppers, onion, chili and onions.


Standard fare.

Or gai ($12.00)
DSC05457Spicy Laotian stew cooked with chicken, dill, eggplant and green beans. First time trying this style of stew out. Homey and comforting.


Really enjoyed the lemongrass note. Vegetables were also tasty.

Red curry ($12.00)
DSC05459Bell peppers, bamboo shoots, coconut milk and basil leaves in red curry. We added beef ($2.00 extra) but wouldn’t have if we had been told it was extra. Curry itself was light and had good coconut flavour. Bamboo shoots were tender. Not much, if any, heat though.


If you’re in the area, check out NBL+TC.

Naka Bistro Lao + Thai Cuisine
20055 Fraser Highway
Langley, BC
(604) 510-1558