Chewgurt Yummy (Burnaby)

After dinner, we decided to try out Chewgurt Yummy. They have two other locations (downtown and Richmond).


This one is located just inside Crystal Mall.



Sign outside.


We dropped in on a Thursday evening (around 8:00pm) and it was dead. As others have said, service is lacking.


There’s a top 12 menu to help you choose from their offerings.


20 drink options on the menu along with three toppings ($1.00 extra) to add.


Drink sizes are tiny and pricey ($6.50 to $7.95); not a good combination in my books.

Yummy peach yogurt ($7.95)
DSC05444We added mini yam balls ($1.00) and these were the worse yam balls I’ve tasted. No exaggeration when I say it was tasteless and the texture was utterly unsatisfying. We actually had to go back and complain because they “forgot” to put the yam balls into our drink. The drink itself was okay but not enough peach flavour. Worth the price tag? No chance.

Mango yogurt ($7.50)
DSC05443J added mini yam balls ($1.00) and mini taro balls ($1.00). He agreed that both balls had zero flavour. His first time trying a yogurt drink; said it reminded him of Yoplait Yop’s.

Don’t bother with CY. There’s a dozen better options in the area to get your BBT fix.

Chewgurt Yummy
#1332, 4500 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 419-0430