Kowloon Chinese Restaurant

We’ve been trying to check out more of the restaurants in the Crystal Mall vicinity. We decided on Kowloon Chinese Restaurant, which specializes in spicy dry pots. They’re nearby to Yunshang Rice Noodle House.


Sign outside.




We dropped in on a Thursday evening (around 6:15pm). There’s only 5 tables inside but quite a few people came in to grab takeout. Our waitress offered us hot and cold water. It’s very no frills as you get paper plates and cups as your dishware.


Menu is one page; cold dishes & appetizers, rice & dumplings, spicy dry pot and side orders. Order a dry pot and if you want more things, you can add additional meats/vegetables. You choose between three spice levels (mild, medium and hot).

2x Rice ($2.00/bowl)
DSC05429The rice was unfortunately a touch mushy.

Spicy chicken wing dry pot ($29.99 large)
DSC05430Came with cabbage, potatoes, peanuts, peppercorns, Szechuan peppers and 16 chicken wings. We opted for medium spicy which added a nice kick.


Chicken wings were flavourful. The potatoes were interestingly cut to resemble french fries. The cabbage was tasty but such a stingy portion. This would have been much more satisfying if they they gave a larger portion of cabbage and potato.

Pork and cabbage dumplings ($10.99 for 12)
DSC05432Came with a side of vinegar. The dumplings were small. Didn’t pack too much flavour. Would skip next time.


Cash or debit only. Stick with the dry pots. Would try the spicy frog next time.

Kowloon Chinese Restaurant
#1018, 500 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(778) 379-2877