Dami Sushi & Korean Restaurant

Dami Sushi & Korean Restaurant is one of those spots that offers both Korean and Japanese eats. It’s run by a Korean family and located around the corner from Lucky Plus Restaurant.


We’ve been for two visits so far (both on Sunday evenings). They seem to very popular for takeout. Service is friendly but there’s only one waiter doing everything out front (aka. the son).



Two sets of menu; one for Korean and the other for sushi.



The KFC options are regular (15-18 pieces) or family size (25-30 pieces).

Trip #1
Agedashi tofu ($5.25)
UntitledVery lightly deep fried. I’d try a different appetizer next time.

Hot stone bibimbap (A) ($13.88)
UntitledBetter than average. They brought out the gochujang sauce separately.

Spicy tofu soup (#3) ($13.88)
UntitledSoft tofu stew with vegetables and we opted for the seafood. Broth had good depth and flavour with a generous portion of tofu pieces thrown in.

Salmon sashimi ($14.95 for 8)
UntitledA touch on the cold side so let these thaw out a bit before you eat them.

UntitledOrdered this both times. First time the slices were a touch fatter.

Negitoro roll ($3.88) and California roll ($4.30 for 8)
UntitledPretty average rolls but super cheap.

Chopped scallop roll ($6.88 for 8)
UntitledThis was the best of the bunch. They thrown in some tempura to add a crunch and the sauce drizzled on top was surprisingly good.

Salmon oshi sushi ($11.88)
UntitledRice to salmon ratio is off. Way too much rice; don’t recommend if you’ve had quality oshi elsewhere in town.

Chicken yakisoba ($9.95)
UntitledStandard yakisoba fare. Big portion of noodles if that’s what you’re into.

Trip #2
Banchan – kimchi, sliced fish cakes and tofu. First time seeing tofu as a side dish.

Scallop tataki roll ($11.95)
UntitledPrawn tempura, cucumber, seared chopped scllop, tobiko, green onion and ponzu sauce.


Oddly, the picture on the menu is different than what they brought out. Standard, typical roll.

Half & half ($30.88 family size)
They let you choose which two flavours you want so we opted for the sweet & spicy and sweet chili. This was the best dish of the evening. Good seasoning, decent crunch and not greasy at all. I preferred the sweet chili but the sweet & spicy was also solid.

Kimchi soup (#2) ($13.88)
UntitledSoybean paste stew with tofu and vegetables. Mostly cabbage for veggies. Decent but the spicy tofu soup was tastier.

Gamja-tang (#7) ($14.88)
UntitledPork back bone soup with Chinese cabbage, onion, green onion, potato and perilla seed. You get 3 chunks of pork. Broth is okay but lacking a bit in depth and complexity.

Stir-fried rice cakes ($16.88)
UntitledThe tteokbokki came with two mussels, fish cakes, vegetables (zucchini, peppers, onion and cabbage) and an egg. Not spicy at all but interestingly, a sweet pineapple note comes through. Would be nice if they included a bowl of rice.

DS&KR won’t blow you away but will hit the spot if you’re wanting to eat both types of cuisine.

Dami Sushi & Korean Restaurant
3280 E 22nd Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 431-8887