Gaya Korean Restaurant

We were looking for a new place try for dinner and decided to give Gaya Korean Restaurant a go. It’s next door to It’s Tea and across the street from STEM Japanese Eatery, Makoto Japanese Restaurant and Adam’s Crepe.


There’s 7 tables inside but seems to be quite popular for takeout. Service is friendly but not on the ball. You’ll have to flag someone down for water and banchan refills.


The menu is split into appetizers, mains, specials, fried chicken (boneless, bone-in and wings) and hot pot. There’s a few lunch specials ($9.95) available everyday from 11:00am to 3:00pm but only as a to go option.

Trip #1
We dropped in on a Saturday evening (around 7:15pm) and it was busy.

DSC04738They brought us kimchi, braised potato and bean sprouts. Kimchi was excellent with a subtle kick.


Bean sprouts were refreshing.


Potatoes were standard but done well.

Hotpot bibimbap ($13.95)
DSC04743They brought out the gochujang on the side, which interestingly had some sort of soy bean (?) mixed in.


The rice didn’t get too crispy but the flavours were spot on.


Really well balanced and one of the tastiest bibimbap’s I’ve had in a long time.

Seafood tofu soup ($14.95)
DSC04744This came with a side bowl of rice.


Two large prawns, octopus, baby shrimps, tofu, onion and green onion.


Generous amount of tofu. The broth had good depth and the seafood really came through.

Trip #2
We dropped in on a Friday evening (around 7:45pm).

DSC05296This time around they had cubed radish.


Bean sprouts are still the best of the bunch.

Japchae ($18.95)
DSC05287Came with spinach, beef, onion, wood ear mushroom and egg. Very good portion. Liked how it wasn’t over sauced. The wood ear mushrooms added a nice bite.

Tteok-bokki ($10.95)
DSC05289Stir-fried rice cakes, sliced fish cakes and onion. Fairly standard.

Beef tofu soup ($14.95)
DSC05292Their tofu soups are excellent. Generous portion of beef slices and the tofu is soft, silky and smooth.

Kimchi fried rice ($13.95)
DSC05293Came with spam and a fried egg. Good balance and flavourful.

Half and half (boneless) ($22.95)
DSC05299You get to try their original/plain flavour (deep fried chicken) and sweet & spicy sauce (yangyeom chicken).



Yangyeom was the better of the two. Don’t usually see boneless options often. The chicken wasn’t as crispy as when you get it bone-in but quite tender.


We’ll be back with a bigger group to try more dishes from Gaya. Beef tartare bibibimbap next time!

Gaya Korean Restaurant
5240 Rumble St
Burnaby, BC
(236) 520-1010