Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant

Been a handful of times to eat at Song Huong Vietnamese after hearing about them from a buddy ages ago. They specialize in central Vietnamese food, specifically bun bo hue, bo la lot and bo 7 mon.


Sign outside is looking a little battered.


The inside is massive with two rooms of booth and table seating. They always have a few TV’s with the sports channel on. Service is old school but the food comes out quickly and hot. Go up to the counter to pay when you’re done.



The menu consists of pho, vermicelli, rice dishes, special dishes, appetizers and beverages.


Trip #1
We dropped in on a Sunday for lunch (around 12:45pm).

Ca phe phin sua da (#74) ($4.50)
DSC01378Vietnamese style coffee with condensed milk and ice. J got this to go; strong and delicious.

DSC01360Bean sprouts, basil, lime and hot peppers.

Banh cuon cha lua banh cong (#55) ($8.75)
DSC01361Pork wrapped in steamed rice rolls with a deep fried fish cake and Vietnamese ham. A bit of a small portion as they also top it with bean sprouts and lettuce. The banh cuon had a satisfying toothsome bite, just wish they gave more. The deep fried fish/shrimp cake was interesting.

Pho ga chien (#14) ($12.50 large)
DSC01362Lemongrass chicken with rice noodle in soup. J’s bowl which she managed to finish! She liked the broth and thought the chicken was excellent.

Thit nuong, banh cong, cha gio, nem nuong (combo 61) ($16.00)
DSC01370Grilled pork, deep fried fish cake, Vietnamese spring roll and BBQ minced pork with vermicelli.


I tried a taste of the spring roll (good filling and crunchy) and BBQ minced pork.

Bun bo hue (#1) ($13.50 large)
DSC01368This is their house specialty. Slices of beef shank, Vietnamese ham, chicken balls, pork blood and a pork foot. Broth had depth, complexity and balance. Think this is the best one I’ve had in Vancouver so far.

Bun bo ba mon (#37) ($15.00)
DSC01373Three types of grilled rolled beef with vermicelli and lettuce. I haven’t seen this dish elsewhere.



Grilled meats were all tasty. Not significantly different but subtle.

Trip #2
We dropped in on a late Thursday afternoon for lunch. No one else was there.

Cha gio (#58) ($6.75 for 2)
DSC03463Crispy, crunchy and satisfying.


J ate these all to himself and they disappeared quickly.

Bun bo hue (#1) ($13.50 large)
DSC03469Had to get their BBH again and it was just as good.


Bun hen (#35) ($12.50)
DSC03477Sauteed baby clams with rice noodles.



This came with a side of broth and herbs (banana flower, lettuce and cooked bean sprouts).


Excellent and good portion size.

Pho ga chien (#14) ($12.50 small)
DSC03466Lemongrass chicken with rice noodle in soup. Chicken was tender and flavourful. J orginally didn’t think the small would be enough for him but it was.

Banh cuon cha lua banh cong (#55) ($8.75)
DSC03471We got their banh cuon again but this time, it was better. Still wish they gave you more but it came out hot and fresh. Yum.


Trip #3
Com suon bo nuong (#51) ($15.00)
UntitledGrilled beef short ribs with steamed rice. The short ribs are excellent; sweet, sticky and retain a great pull to them.

2x Bun bo hue (#1) ($13.50 large)
DSC05358If you don’t get the BBH when you’re here, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

Pho tai nam ($12.75 large)
DSC05357Slices of rare beef and flank. The broth was delicious with star anise really shining through. Rare beef slices were very tender.

Bo 7 mon (#72) ($42.95)
Beef prepared in 7 different ways (rare beef slices in a vinegar hot pot, 3 types of grilled beef rolls, beef salad, beef congee and a beef ball). The feast also comes with a plate of fresh herbs, vermicelli, rice paper and mam nem.



The condiments include hot sauce, marinated lemongrass and peanuts.


I’ve been wanting to try this for ages and finally did with four of us. First dish is essentially build your own rolls; cook the beef in the hot pot, dip your rice paper in the bowl of hot water and then add herbs, lettuce, daikon, carrot, pickled scallion, cucumber, bean sprouts and vermicelli.




Don’t forget about the anchovy dipping sauce (mam nem); we detected garlic, lemongrass and a touch of pepper. Fun and tasty.


Beef congee was smooth and comforting.


Beef salad reminded us of a papaya salad; good acidity and crunchy cabbage texture.


The large beef ball (vermicelli, mushroom and beef) was tasty. Interesting that it’s wrapped in beef caul…


The three types of grilled beef sausage make up the last three beef dishes. The bo la lot is my favourite of the bunch; which they served something else to truly make it 7 dishes.


Will be back again to SH again and again. Solid, solid BBH.

Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant
1613 Nanaimo Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-1196