Pho Nhuan

We were looking for a new place to try and settled on Pho Nhuan. Never noticed this place before but drive by it often. It’s next door to Wendy’s Hair Salon.


Hours. Open everyday till 9:00pm.


Cash only but you already knew that.


We dropped in on a Sunday evening (around 7:30pm) and it wasn’t busy. The inside is small with only five tables.


Menu consists of pho, hu tieu mi, bun, appetizers, rice dishes, banh mi and vegetarian dishes. They were already 7sold out of their bun rieu.

DSC05347Basil, bean sprouts and lemon wedges. Standard although on the smaller side.

Bun bo hue (#32) ($12.50 large)
DSC05353Always try the BBH if it’s on the menu and this one was below average. Broth lacked flavour and depth; tasted very weak, watered down to me. Didn’t detect any lemongrass flavour. The beef shank pieces were good and it also came with Vietnamese ham and a pork hock. No pork blood.

Banh canh cua (#45) ($15.00)
DSC05350Crab with crystal noodles in soup. Not much of a description but believe these were tapioca noodles. Noodles had a soft, squishy texture but there was no chew or bite to them. Broth is slightly thick and flavour was decent. Problem is you don’t get much in this bowl; some bits of crab, a couple of thinly sliced pork, fried onions, green onions and cilantro. Overall, the bowl didn’t fill me up and left me unsatiated.

Pho Nhuan
2989 Rupert Street
(604) 434-8681