Vennie’s Sub Shop

My buddy wanted to check out Vennie’s Sub Shop for lunch. It’s run by the same owners from DownLow Chicken Shack (literally around the corner). You’ll find Vennie’s next door to The Bunny Cafe.


We dropped in on a rainy Friday afternoon (around 1:15pm) and it wasn’t busy. Took about 10 minutes for our sandwiches to be made. Mostly a grab and go spot but there are two high tables out front.


The menu consists of sandwiches (on a hoagie, bun or sliced bread) and sides. You save a measly $1.00 if you combo a side with a sandwich.


Their prices are based on meat quantity ($13.00 for 150g and $17.00 for 225g).

Street corn salad ($5.00)
DSC05374Buttered corn, cilantro vinaigrette, cilantro, feta, tajin and scallions. Nothing memorable about this side. Corn was cold and didn’t pack much, if any, flavour.

The aftermath ($17.00)
DSC05379Smoked beef, shredduce, onions, Swiss cheese, horseradish mayo, beer mustard and dill pickles. Sub wasn’t even warmed up resulting in a stiff, dry bite


Most disappointing part was that there was zero flavour to the smoked beef. Bland and not a hint of smoky beef flavour. A complete dud. Reminded me of those massive, tasteless sandwiches you can get from Safeway.

The warm pastrami ($17.00)
DSC05377Warmed pastrami, mustard sauce, pickles and onions. Easily the better of the two sandwiches. Pastrami had good flavour and mustard sauce added a nice tang. The rye bread is tiny though. The meat to bread ratio is way off.


No plans to come back to VSS. Overpriced sandwiches.

Vennie’s Sub Shop
1692 Venables St
Vancouver, BC