Superflux is a very popular brewery that specializes in hazy/IPA beers. Reminds me of Twin Sails Brewing out in Porty Moody. Finally made it out for a visit when a buddy was in town visiting.


Look for the budget printing sign.


We dropped in on a Tuesday evening (around 6:00pm). The inside is open and spacious with plenty of seating. They also have a nice outdoor patio area that’s a bit sheltered from all the car traffic.



Unfortunately, they don’t offer flights but there’s three options; 6oz ($4.00), 12oz ($6.00) and 16oz ($8.00).



Service was friendly and they checked up on us several times. You can buy 4-packs to go ($15.00 to $19.00).


Glassware and merchandise prices.



There’s a small food menu consisting of hot dogs and snacks, salads & mains.

Coconuts ($6.00 for 12oz)
DSC04758IPA dry-hopped and conditioned on coconuts. This was the better of the two flavours that we tried. The coconut notes come through.

Marigold ($6.00 for 12oz)
DSC04760Hazy pale ale dry-hopped. Nothing particularly stood out other than it tasted like a hazy styled beer.

Bun me ($12.00)
DSC04761Dry-aged beef dog, lemongrass pickled carrot & daikon, pickled zucchini, house mortadella pate, chili crisp mayo, cilantro and dill pickle chips.


Sounded interesting on paper but the combination didn’t enthral us. It tasted like a regular hot dog. If this was $6.00, I wouldn’t be complaining but nowhere worth it’s price point. Skip.

Mortadella sandwich ($13.00)
DSC04766Mortadella, bechamel, American cheese, spicy pickled zucchini in a brioche bun. Tiny sandwich and that’s all you get.


This was better than the hot dog but needed a contrasting texture.


Skip out on the food offerings. Come to Superflux if hazy and IPA beers is your jam.

505 Clark Drive
Vancouver, BC