Alice & Brohm Ice Cream

I’ve heard good things about Alice & Brohm Ice Cream so we decided to drop in for a scoop before heading back home. They specialize in real fruit soft serve ice cream. Their original location is out in the Garibaldi Highlands neighbourhood. This downtown location is next door to 1914 Coffee Company.


We dropped in on a Sunday (around 4:30pm) and were greeted by two young, energetic staff.


The menu is simple and consists of four berry flavours (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry).


A single scoop is $5.25 while a double scoop will set you back $7.50. They also offer pints ($12.00 and up) to take home; the flat white intrigued.

Raspberry single scoop ($5.25)
DSC04185The flavour was disappointing; barely tasted any raspberry flavour. All we really could detect was the vanilla ice cream. Our scoop/swirl wasn’t well churned either.

If you’re comparing places that offer similar styles, Love’s Ice Cream (Cumberland) and Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt (Steveston) offer greater satisfaction. Wanted to love A&B but it was an unfulfilling experience

Alice & Brohm Ice Cream
38129 2nd Avenue
Squamish, BC