Happy Noodle House

I haven’t had hand pulled noodles in ages so we decided to check out Happy Noodle House. They’re located next to Manoush’eh and Yamato Sushi.


Sign outside.




We dropped in on a Monday (at noon) and it wasn’t busy. They brought us out tea and came by a few times to offer refills. You can see/watch the chef pulling the noodles in the kitchen.


The menu is split into noodles (soup, sauce and fried), cold dishes, soup, rice, meat (seafood, pork, chicken, beef & lamb), vegetables & tofu and dim sum.



They also have $11.98 weekday lunch special (from 11:00am to 3:00pm).

Lanzhou beef soup noodles ($12.98)
DSC05154We opted for the thinner style hand pulled noodles and went with the spicy option. Broth was enjoyable but more on the mild, subtle side. Beef slices retained their bite.

Sizzled chili noodles ($10.98)
DSC05156We went with the thicker hand pulled noodles. Good elasticity and toothsomeness to the noodles. Simple but satisfying. My favourite dish that we ordered.

Beef rolls ($9.98)
DSC05158You get four pieces of beef roll. K said these were some of the best rolls that she’s eaten in a long time.


Well balanced. Would get this one again.

Chive pockets ($10.98 for 3)
DSC05163Was excited for these but the filling was bland and there was no bite to the the pockets at all. Disappointing.

XLB ($8.98 for 8)
DSC05164Pretty average. Both the soup and filling didn’t leave much of an impression.

Spicy & tangy dumplings ($12.98 for 12)
DSC05160Wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Skin was a touch too soft for my liking.

Decent offerings at HNH. Stick with their noodle dishes.

Happy Noodle House
630 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 488-0399