Ossie’s Deli & Meats

We were picking up my buddy from the ferry and wanted to grab something easy so decided to try out Ossie’s Deli & Meats. They’re located in a random plaza next to a Dairy Queen branch.




We dropped in on a Saturday (around noon). There’s two small tables outside to sit at otherwise it’s more of an order and go joint. The two ladies working inside are very sweet and friendly.




The menu consists of sandwiches, burgers, soups, mac & cheese and Shepherd’s pie.

Soup of the day ($5.25 bowl)
DSC05211There were two options but we went for the green pea soup. The ladies asked if we were sharing and were sweet to split it into two for us.


Soup was hearty and healthy; something your aunt/grandma would make you at home.

Brando’s burger ($11.00)
DSC05212Chicken schnitzel and Montreal smoked meat, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, onion and cheddar cheese. We asked for gluten free bread ($0.75) which took a bit longer to make/toast. Schnitzel is a large portion but doesn’t have a crunchy texture. Sandwich hit the spot.

Roast beef ($8.25)
DSC05207J opted for a kaiser bun for his roast beef sandwich. Thoroughly enjoyed on his end.


Cash only. If we came out to this neck of the woods more often, we’d hit up OD&M for their homey sandwiches and burgers.

Ossie’s Deli & Meats
1557 56th Street
Delta, BC
(604) 943-7511