Yemeni Village Restaurant

I’ve had Yemeni Village Restaurant on my list of places to try for ages. They specialize in Yemen food, which I’ve never seen before but it reminds me of dishes you can find at Begim. They’re located across the street from The Street Eatery.


We dropped in on a Thursday (around 12:30pm) and grabbed a table on their patio. Service was friendly but there was only one waiter manning the whole restaurant.


The menu is split into starters, main courses, sides and desserts. Lamb mandi is their most popular dish.

Lime with mint
DSC04837They brought each of us a complimentary drink. Refreshing, light and a touch minty.

DSC04839One of our dishes came with Yemeni bread and two sauces (green hot sauce and sahawiq). The bread was excellent; thin, crispy with a good bite. Generous portion too.


The green hot sauce was creamy with a slight kick. The sahawiq was milder.

Lamb mandi ($24.95)
DSC04843Steam-roasted lamb with rice, fried onions and raisins. Rice was fluffy and aromatic.


Lamb had a good bite/pull to it. Would have liked to see a bit more fried onion and raisins included.

Charred liver ($15.50)
DSC04845Thinly sliced liver with green onions, tomatoes, onions, green pepper and potatoes. This turned out to be everyone’s surprise favourite!

Chicken kabsa ($19.90)
DSC04849Pressure cooked chicken and rice. We opted for the full chicken option. Chicken was tender but flavour was very subdued.


The rice was some sort of tomato sauce mixture. Decent but I preferred the rice from the lamb mandi.

Goat akdah ($18.90)
DSC04850Shredded goat with zucchini, eggplant, carrot and potatoes. Goat was succulent and excellently spiced.

A joyous first visit to YVR. Would happily return to try more dishes.

Yemeni Village
402 8th Street SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 452-8595