Manna Korean Cuisine

We were meeting up with some friends so I suggested we try out Manna Korean Cuisine. Apparently, one of the chefs worked previously at Han Corea which intrigued me. It’s located in a plaza that houses some other random businesses.


We dropped in on a Wednesday (around 6:30pm) and the place filled up quickly. Four booths and a couple tables (22 seats). Service was odd; our waitress questioned why we wanted extra chopsticks and spoons. It also felt like pulling teeth when we asked for water refills and banchan. Never experienced this at a Korean restaurant before.


The menu is split into appetizer, bibimbop, Manna BBQ, soup & stew, hot pot and signature dishes.


Their hot pot dishes are pricey ($42.00 to $48.00).

DSC04818You get 7 types of side dishes including kimchi, sliced fish cakes, glazed potatoes, macaroni salad, sausage, pickled zucchini, and fried zucchini.







Everyone’s favourite was easily the fried zucchini. Pickled zucchini had a nice crispy, crunchy bite. Macaroni salad was bland.

Purple rice
DSC04824They brought out a bowl for each person. I believe these are unlimited refills too.

Ddukboki (#5) ($16.00)
DSC04825Spicy pan-fried rice cakes with vegetables, egg and fish cakes. There was also some glass noodles thrown in. Good flavours and the ddukboki had a bouncy, chewy texture.

Stone bowl bibimbop (#9) ($15.00)
DSC04827Rice topped with vegetables, beef and a fried egg. Rice was crispy. Solid dolsot bibimbap.

LA galbi (#10) ($22.00)
DSC04832Marinated beef short ribs. This came with romaine lettuce and a dipping sauce.


Portion is on the smaller side. Decent but not sure I’d splurge for this again (would try a different bbq meat instead).

Zzamppong soft tofu soup (#22) ($15.00)
DSC04830Spicy mixed seafood soft tofu soup with vegetables. A bunch of clams and one large mussel made up the seafood. Good depth and balance to the soup.

Food hit the spot but MKC’s service could use some work.

Manna Korean Cuisine
3400 14 Street NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 338-1118