Off the Grid Organic Winery

It’s been a few years since we last visited Off the Grid. Before heading out, we popped in for one final tasting.


We arrived on a Sunday afternoon (with 12:00pm reservations).


Staff are very sweet and hospitable. Fun that they host yoga (Sunday mornings) and live music (Thursday evenings).


Tasting fee is $10.00/person and includes four pours. They make you pay a $20.00 deposit (we made our reservation online) but you get it back with a bottle purchase.




Closeups of their wine bottle offerings. Quite a solid selection.



Lots of Rad Jamz products including sauces, jams, jellies and pickled things.

2019 Farm band
DSC04714A pinot gris-gewurtz blend done as a pet nat. A little funky but in a good way.

2020 Inclusive white blend
DSC04715A blend of four grapes but mostly riesling. A touch sweeter.

2019 Unplugged white
DSC04716Also a blend of four grapes but this was excellent. Well balanced and smooth.


We bought a bottle ($19.80) for home.

2019 Sauvage pinot gris
DSC04717Their most popular wine and for good reason. Smooth as butter. Quaffable.

2020 Ever after
DSC04718An interesting rosé (mix of zweigelt and gewurtz grapes). Summery, easy drinking.

2019 Pinot noir
DSC04719One of the smoother pinot noirs. Not smokey at all and light on the tannins.

2018 Scape goat
DSC04720An orange wine (pinot gris with a touch of gewurtz). Light, silky smooth. This is fancy smancy; a bottle is $49.80.

Always a fun visit at Off the Grid. Solid 100% organic wines.

Off the Grid Organic Winery
3623 Glencoe Road
Westbank, BC