Sperling Vineyards

Our fifth and final stop of the evening was to check out Sperling Vineyards. They’re a 100% organic, family run winery that’s been around for close to a century.


Signs outside.



We dropped in on a Friday evening with 6:30pm reservations. There’s a heritage room and a couple small tables outside to do tastings. We did ours in the latter. Service was incredibly friendly and sweet.


Tasting fee varies ($10.00 to $20.00) based on the four flight options but each includes three pours. We opted for the classic ($10.00).


It’s also worth mentioning that only $5.00 of the fee goes toward a bottle purchase.

2017 Organic old vines pinot
DSC04482A blend that was light in flavour.

2016 Old vines riesling

2018 Organic pinot noir
DSC04487Smokey and medium tannin.

2020 Organic ruby pet nat
DSC04489We were given a bonus sample. This was actually one of natural wines we were hoping to try. Turned out to be our favourite from the bunch. A touch fizzy and notes of blueberry come through. We debated getting a bottle ($30.00).

Decent wines at SV but we enjoyed the organic wines more out in West Kelowna.

Sperling Vineyards
1405 Pioneer Road
Kelowna, BC
(778) 478-0260