La Maison Da Nang

There’s plenty of Vietnamese competition in the area with Cafe Dang Anh, Hanoi Old Quarter, Hoang Yen, Viet Mama Cafe and Hoi An Cafe all in the vicinity.


Sign outside.



We’ve been for lunch three times now. The inside is modern and bright; depending on where you sit, it can get very sunny. Service was friendly and food always comes out quickly. Make sure to ask if you want your bean sprouts cooked!


The menu is large with appetizers, pho, mi quang/banh canh, vermicelli, clear rice noodles, rice plates, vegetarian and banh mi.


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DSC08861The handle was bizarre to hold.

DSC08872Bean sprouts, lime and cabbage/banana blossom/lettuce.


Banh canh da nang (#27) ($11.50)
DSC08870Rice noodles, crab meat, char siu/BBQ pork, shrimp and boiled quail egg. Noodles were thick, udon-like with a reasonably good spring to them.


Wish there was more crab meat. Shrimp were good but the BBQ pork tasted like freezer burn.

Bun bo hue dac biet (#29) ($10.95)

Spicy beef, Vietnamese ham and pork hock with vermicelli. The broth wasn’t too spicy so you could taste the broth. Interesting that the broth had chili flakes. All the meats were enjoyable, particularly the beef. BBH won’t blow you away but it was serviceable.


Trip #2
We dropped in on a Saturday afternoon (around 12:45pm). No trouble getting seats.

DSC03404Bean sprouts, lime and cabbage/banana blossom/lettuce.

Bun rieu (#38A) ($10.95)
DSC03406Vermicelli and sour soup, noodles in crab chowder. The broth was light but still had good depth to it. Liked that it came with pork blood, Vietnamese ham, tofu and crab. It was much more satisfying than the one we had at Viet Mama Cafe.

Bun thit nuong, cha gio (#35) ($10.95)
DSC03412Grilled pork, spring rolls, vermicelli and assorted vegetables.



Good crunch to the spring rolls but the filling was bland.


The grilled pork was excellent. We don’t order too many vermicelli bowls but this one was solid.

Banh hoi, nem nuong, chao tom (#37) ($13.95)
DSC03421Special steamed vermicelli, skewered pork, minced shrimp, wrapped in sugar cane and assorted vegetables. Not sure I’ve seen this dish before.


A good variety of herbs and lettuce to wrap your meat and vermicelli in.




J didn’t love the pork pieces but everything else he said was tasty.

Trip #3
We dropped in on a Wednesday for lunch (around 12:30pm).

DSC04087Same as previous visits.

Bun bo tai da nang (#28) ($10.95)
DSC04088Spicy rare beef, Vietnamese ham and beef balls. R really enjoyed his bowl. Had a taste of his broth; seemed spicier than than their BBH offering.

Bun cha ca da nang (#30) ($10.95)
DSC04090Fish cakes, chicken balls and assorted vegetables. Quite a few things inside this bowl including bamboo shoots, taro stem, tomato, cabbage, pickled pepper, dill and even a couple pieces of pineapple. Broth is on the lighter/cleaner side with a subtle underlying sweetness.

Will come back to LMDN. Reasonable prices.

La Maison Da Nang
5195 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 732-2182

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