Ustaad G Indian Cuisine

We’ve been heading into Surrey more lately so it’s my goal to try out new places every time we’re in the area. Next up was Ustaad G Indian Cuisine. Their specialty is amritsari kulcha, which almost everyone seemed to be ordering when we dined in.


Couple of signs outside.





We dropped in on a Sunday evening (around 6:00pm) and it was fairly busy. A constant lineup of people grabbing takeout. They have 5 tables inside along with one table out on the sidewalk. They have about half a dozen TV’s up playing a variety of Indian music videos. Service was good and our waitress came by several times to check up on us.


The menu is split into breads, brunch specials (11:00am to 4:00pm), main courses, paraths, rice, tandoori nights and desserts.

Plain rice
DSC04076We asked for some rice and they were kind enough to offer us a complimentary bowl.

Plain naan ($1.49) and garlic naan ($1.99)
DSC04077Fresh out of the oven.



Closeup of the two types.

Pickled onions
DSC04073Not sure which dish this came with but they give you a massive bowl of pickled red onions.

Vegetable pakora ($9.99)
DSC04067Vegetable fritters served with a tamarind chutney. Standard fare but the pakora had a good crunch and weren’t too greasy.

Fish tikka ($14.99)
DSC04069This was everyone’s favourite dish of the night. Fish was perfectly seasoned and flaky.


Pulled apart with the touch of our forks.


The side of yogurt was a nice compliment to the dish.

Chicken vindaloo ($12.99)
DSC04072Came with what looked like chicken thigh pieces and potato. Not spicy at all but good flavour. Chicken was very tender. J loved this dish.

Baingun bharta ($13.99)
DSC04075Baked and mashed with ginger, garlic, onion, peas and tomatoes. Love me anything eggplant and this dish was well done. Good balance and flavourful.

Gulab jamun ($4.99)
DSC04080A normal order comes with two but our waitress was so thoughtful and gave us an extra one. The gulab jamun was fresh, moist and not too sweet. Perfect last bites of our meal.


Will have to come back to UG to try their amritsari kulcha.

Ustaad G Indian Cuisine
13025 – 76 Avenue
Surrey, BC
(604) 316-9586