Dang Anh Cafe

There are way too many options for Vietnamese in the city but you can never go wrong with Dang Anh Cafe. DAC specializes in Northern Vietnamese food. They’re located next door to a Salvadorean restaurant, El Caracol Cafe.



Hours. Note: closed on Wednesday.


There’s 6 tables inside but they do have one small table outside. Majority of the diners always seem to be Vietnamese.


The menu is small with just over a dozen options. Most of their dishes are $11.00 to $12.00 (including taxes).



There’s also off-menu fried doughnuts ($1.00) that most customers order. The tea (both hot and cold) are comforting. We got hints of coconut from the hot version.

Trip #1
First visit was on a Thursday for a late lunch (12:50pm). Busy.

DSC03855Basil, bean sprouts and lettuce. Lettuce was a first for me.


Lime and hot peppers came separately.

Bun rieu + cha ca ($11.00)
UntitledGrilled fish and fresh water crab rice noodles. Basically, this is bun rieu with fish on top. There was grilled onion, cilantro, dill, tomato and crab meat inside.


Crab meat was fantastic and the noodles had a great bite. Broth smelled amazing and was full of depth. Really, really impressed although the grilled fish tasted salty when you ate them by themselves.

Trip #2
Second trip we came on a holiday Monday afternoon (around 2:30pm).

DSC08334Different than last time as we ordered pho. The typical bean sprout and fresh basil.


Didn’t touch those hot peppers.

Pho dac biet ($11.00)
DSC08342Rare beef, well done beef and beef balls. Broth is simple but has an underlying level of depth and flavour to it. Light and clean.

Chao long ($11.00)
DSC08341Special pork porridge. In reality, this is pork organ/innard/offal congee. I’ve never had the Vietnamese version before so of course, I wanted to try. The waitress was a bit skeptical about us ordering it but I persisted. It comes with sliced pork kidney, stuffed pig intestine and pig uteri.



I liked it. The congee was surprisingly flavourful too. We thought this came with the fried Chinese donuts but never got any; I’m assuming they sold out.

Trip #3
Third visit was on a Saturday (around 4:45pm) for a very late lunch.

DSC03554Same as our first two visits.


Bun rieu + cha ca ($11.00)
DSC03556It’s been too long since my first time eating this bowl. Still utterly satisfying. Broth is as good as I remember; we drank it up.

Pho bo + ga ($11.00)
DSC03560Rice noodle soup with beef and chicken. Broth is clean but again, on the lighter side. Beef slices were tender. Same with the chicken except you only get about 3 pieces. Their pho won’t necessarily blow you away.

Trip #4
Most recent visit was on a Thursday (at noon). Very busy but we didn’t have to wait.

DSC03973Bean sprouts, basil and a lime wedge.


They always give you a side of chopped chillies.

Pho sot vang ($12.00)
DSC03976Special noodle wine sauce. Haven’t seen this dish elsewhere. The broth was clean with good depth and a hint of wine essence comes through. Good mix of meats and textures.

Pho bo tai lan ($12.00)
DSC03975Rice noodle soup with beef. R liked that it came with some vegetables. He slurped up the broth; game changer for him is that they add garlic.

Cash only. If you have to pick one dish, my favourite here is the bun rieu + cha ca. Will be trying their bun oc next time.

Dang Anh Cafe
5186 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
(778) 379-7977

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