Chili Pepper House

Chili Pepper House is one of the few Hakka (aka. Indo-Chinese) restaurants in town. They’re located in a tiny plaza across the street from a VPL branch.




We dropped in on a Wednesday (around 12:15pm) and it was reasonably busy with a couple tables occupied. Service is no frills and our waitress wasn’t the most helpful.


Menu is massive with over 250 dishes listed. Their weekday lunch specials are dirt cheap ($8.50) but they only offer very generic, Chinese dishes. We stuck with their chef’s recommended dishes.

Rice ($4.25)
DSC03749Not a very large portion of rice to share between two.

Chili chicken (dark meat & boneless) (#38) ($14.30)
DSC03747One of our buddies who loves this place suggested we try their chili chicken. Decent but it only comes with onions and sauce.

Spicy ginger & garlic beef (dry) (#60) ($15.95)
DSC03745We were having trouble deciding what else to get so we asked the waitress and this was her suggestion. It reminded me of beef with broccoli except that there was onions and some chili peppers. Nothing memorable. Not even much heat to it.

No plans to come back anytime soon. CPH didn’t enthral our taste buds.

Chili Pepper House
3003 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 431-8633