Pho Tan’s Vietnamese Restaurant

I’ve been meaning to check out Pho Tan’s Vietnamese Restaurant ever since a buddy of mine recommended it. They specialize in satay pho which I’ve only seen at two other places in town (Pho Goodness and Pho 37). They’re nestled in between Sandy’s Farm Market and Yummy Yogurt.


Sign outside.




We dropped in on a Saturday afternoon (around 2:45pm) and it was busy. People continuously came in and put their names on the wait list. The inside has a no frills, old school air to it with a mix of booth and table seating. You order at the counter and pay first before being seated. Service was helpful and they checked up on us a few times.


Menu is split into appetizers, bahn mi, pho, specialty noodle soups, stir fried, curry, rice, vermicelli and drinks. Practically every table ordered their beef sate pho (#16).

Mango lychee fresh fruit slushy ($4.25)
DSC03738It’s an extra $0.75 to mix two types of fruit. Perfect sweetness and refreshing. Need to try their avocado next time.

DSC03731Basil, bean sprouts, lime and hot peppers. A tad on the small side compared to other Vietnamese places.

Pho bo sate (#16) ($13.00 large)
DSC03736Satay beef in peanut sauce and coconut milk. This is a must get. Broth has good depth and is well balanced. Most of the satay’s I’ve eaten are more peanut flavoured but Pho Tan’s version is the best of both worlds. Creamy, sweet and peanuty. The beef is thinly sliced but doesn’t overcook.

Bun bo hue (#19) ($11.00 small)
DSC03730Beef brisket, ham, chicken ball and pork hock. The chicken balls were excellent; homemade and sliced differently than the usual ones. Broth was decent but the addition of chili flakes and chili oil slightly overpowered the soup’s flavour. I could only taste of hint of lemongrass. Better BBH’s in the city but this one was good enough.

Debit or cash only. Finally found a legit spot for satay.

Pho Tan’s Vietnamese Restaurant
2076 W 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
(604) 606-0688

One response to “Pho Tan’s Vietnamese Restaurant

  1. Basil Garden 2889 E. Broadway..can sate any bowl of pho for $1 Veggie pho sate is delish….lots of fresh seasonal veg.

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