Cherry’s Food House

We don’t think of Korean spots when venturing out into Richmond but I’ve had Cherry’s Food House on my list to try for ages. We’ve been twice for a couple of late lunches. It’s next door to Peaches Cafe.


Sign outside.




They have K-pop music and videos playing in the background. Service wasn’t overly friendly but they at least have the buttons on the table to press when you want something.




The menu is spit into tofu soup/stone pot, BBQ/fried chicken, noodle & rice, appetizer, mains and hot pot. Funny that they don’t have any of the descriptions of the dishes in Korean. Makes sense after reading from others saying it’s a Chinese run Korean spot.


Click here to see the rest of the menu (1, 2, 3 and 4).

Trip #1
We dropped in on a Saturday afternoon (around 2:00pm) and had the place to ourselves.

DSC03313Kimchi, bean sprouts, braised potatoes and seaweed salad. All the banchan was well done and we asked for a second round.



The bean sprouts were fantastic; can’t quite pinpoint what they did to it but great firm texture and a bit more richness than normal.



Seaweed salad was refreshing and the braised potatoes were satisfying.

Rice cake hot pot (F3) ($24.95)
DSC03320Instant noodles, spam, sliced fish cakes, ttekboki, cabbage and green onion. Great value as we shared this with three people and still had leftovers. The broth was well balanced but not spicy at all.


The ttekboki were excellent with a bouncy, chewy texture. Spam wasn’t too salty and the fish cakes were enjoyable. A little more noodles and vegetables would have been nice but overall, solid.

Hot stone rice (chicken) (A5) ($14.95)
DSC03324We decided to try one of their dolsot bibimbaps. This baby comes out sizzling and really crisps up the rice at the bottom. Chicken pieces were juicy and tender.


One of the better dolsot that we’ve eaten in a long, long time.

Kimchi pancake (D2) ($7.95 for 5)
DSC03326Not too greasy with a touch of crispiness.



These were good bite sized pieces.

DSC03333They gave us three small bottles at the end of our meal. Brought these home.

Trip #2
We dropped in on a Saturday afternoon (around 1:30pm). Not too busy again.

DSC03685Same side dishes as last time. All tasty and we got a second round of everything again.

Pork bone hot pot (F1) ($29.95 large)
DSC03686Fishcakes, potatoes, choy, tofu, enoki mushroom, onion and green onions. It also came with two bowls of rice.


Fall off the bone, tender pieces of pork. Good amount of meat on each pork bone. Broth was flavourful with a hint of spiciness.


We like that they give a little more variety than the standard traditional ones. The leafy green/choy was interesting as it had a warm, earthy note to it.


Solid spot for some warm, comforting Korean food. Would return to CFH to try more of their dishes.

Cherry’s Food House
#1015, 8580 Alexander Road
Richmond, BC
(778) 588-2000