Pho 37

When you think of Richmond, Vietnamese isn’t usually where most people’s thoughts go to for eats. Their claim to fame is that they don’t use MSG. It’s locate in Ironwood Plaza but they also have a second location (out in Steveston).




FYI: 10% off on Monday’s.


There’s a mix of table and booth seating but they cap out at 46 seats. Jazz/elevator music is unexpected but the vibe is chill and the NBA seems to always be up on their TV’s. Service is standard but the food comes out quickly.



The menu is focused with 40 items; appetizers, pho, vermicelli noodle bowl, crispy chow mein, rice plates, combination plates, chef’s specialty and desserts.

Trip #1
We dropped in on a Sunday afternoon (around 1:30pm) and the place was bumping.

DSC02838Standard Thai basil, bean sprouts and lemon wedges.

Banh mi
DSC02839This was randomly dropped off at our table before they realized it wasn’t ours.

Bo tai chanh (#35) ($15.50)
DSC02848Vietnamese beef carpaccio. Haven’t seen this at too many other spots in town. Only one that comes to mind is Phnom Penh. The portion size is generous.


This would be better to share between three people. Good acidity, a bit of texture from the fried garlic chips, peanuts and freshness from the onion and cilantro.

Pho tuan (#40) ($14.50)
DSC02840Special beef noodle soup with a poached egg. I also found some sliced pickled garlic and ginger bits. The beef slices and balls were fantastic; slices are slightly smoked beforehand and melt in your mouth. The broth was unlike any other pho I’ve had; bright, fragrant and slightly creamy. It’s almost like a hybrid between a pho and ramen bowl. You’ll keep on wanting to come back for more. Definitely a must try.

Pho sate ga (#15) ($13.95)
DSC02845Sate peanut noodle with your choice of meat. We went with chicken, which was generous in portion and incredibly tender, flavourful pieces. The broth is thick (aka. noodles will soak it all up) but impressive with great depth and complexity. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a satisfying sate.


Trip #2
We dropped in on an early Saturday (around 5:30pm). No wait and not too busy inside.

DSC03655Basil, bean sprouts, lime wedges and some sauces.

Bun bo hue ($13.95)
DSC03656Spicy lemongrass broth with beef brisket, pork blood, pork hock and pork ham. Broth was excellent; good depth, balance and flavour.


Something was slightly different about their broth (maybe some kaffir lime in there?). Generous portions of meat. Overall, a very satisfying BBH.

Bo luc lac ($17.95)
DSC03661Vietnamese shaking beef. We opted for the vermicelli and it comes with a “house special salad” (tomato, cucumber, lettuce, bean sprouts).



The beef was tender and juicy. The rest of the meal is standard fare; basically a vermicelli bowl. Personally, I’d stick with their soups.


Generous portion sizes and delicious broths. Solid spot if you want Vietnamese in Richmond!

Pho 37
#1101, 8328 Capstan Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 447-5158

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